1. Small child on a scooter dressed in full Spiderman regalia.
  2. Still married.
  3. Fuzzy poodle butts.
  4. Getting carded at Trader Joe’s.
  5. My healthy, long-limbed sons.
  6. Clouds breaking up to reveal blue sky that was there all the time.
  7. Barbecued salmon.
  8. A dear friend’s recovery from cancer.
  9. No massive earthquake as of yet today.
  10. A new pair of running shoes – turquoise with neon yellow laces.
  11. Fat Canadian geese covering a field at Alameda Point – and a tiny terrier’s obvious joy as he races through and scatters them.
  12. Touching my neighbor’s belly and feeling her baby kick.
  13. Coaches, teachers, youth leaders who give their time to my kids.
  14. The marine layer.
  15. Pretty much the entire Led Zepplin oeuvre.

What’s yours?

About Kate

Things are weird in the wide world -- and like everyone else, most days I'm used to it. But to shake things up for myself, I like to notice and write about stuff that strikes me as both beautiful and strange, fascinating and repulsive, sweet and sour -- like how the steamy, stinky air that comes up from the BART vents at 16th Street Mission reminds me of being twenty-two, apparently immortal, and in love.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Im reminded that you gave me your kid’s spiderman costume. I love #6 and find no love in #11, those birds are nasty! So far for today I would say a sleeping 7 year old and the way the orange light from the sunrise hits the branches outside my bedroom window.

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