1. Waking up to the sound of birds.

2. My trusty Crockpot.

3. Turning the compost and finding the fresh dirt at the bottom.

4. Geraniums blooming all happy on the porch.

5. A day off while the kids are in school.

6. The fact that my 12-year-old son’s feet are bigger than mine. (I’m a size ten, people.)

7.  PBS.

8. The creative spark that never seems to really go away. That I return to writing over and over.

9. The boys making stuff together with Legos, just for old times’ sake.

10. A walk with the poodles to the Farmer’s market for dahlias.

11. All of you, dear readers. Blessings upon you today!


About Kate

Things are weird in the wide world -- and like everyone else, most days I'm used to it. But to shake things up for myself, I like to notice and write about stuff that strikes me as both beautiful and strange, fascinating and repulsive, sweet and sour -- like how the steamy, stinky air that comes up from the BART vents at 16th Street Mission reminds me of being twenty-two, apparently immortal, and in love.

6 responses »

  1. Shirley Holley says:

    Holy and beautiful, and a reflection on meaning, I would say. So much love and wishes for peace.

  2. danette says:

    blessings right back at you! xoxo

  3. Clay says:

    Having just returned from our trip back east, I’m reading through the backlog of your blogs. The gratitude I have for today is that I have you as a daughter. Love you.

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